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Dec 1 / Cameron's

Margot Wilson wins AACTA for Best Costume Design


Congratulations to Margot Wilson who picked up 2015’s AACTA Award for Best Costume Design for her work with Marion Boyce on THE DRESSMAKER.

The Awards, held across two evenings, celebrate excellence in Australian film and television with last night’s ceremony dedicated to distinguished technical brilliance on screen.

Margot designed the costumes for Kate Winslet who plays THE DRESSMAKER’S glamorous lead, Tilly Dunnage.

Congratulations, Margot!

Nov 19 / Cameron's

Jessica Hobbs’ RIVER episodes now available on Netflix


Acclaimed British crime thriller RIVER is available worldwide from today, with the full series, including episodes 5 and 6 directed by Cameron’s Jessica Hobbs, now streaming on Netflix.

The six-part drama stars Stellan Skarsgård as the brilliant but mentally fragile John River — a police officer haunted by murder victims from cases he has yet to solve. “More than just crime drama” River is “about personal tragedy, demons; it’s a study of loss and grief.” (The Guardian)

The series first aired on BBC1, closing on an episode directed by Jessica who “does a beautiful job” tying up the series with the finale earning a five star review from The Telegraph and praise for its “stylish directing”.

RIVER is available to stream on Netflix, in all territories, now.

Nov 17 / Cameron's

Sulari Gentill’s latest novel: GIVE THE DEVIL HIS DUE


Our client Sulari Gentill has just had her seventh novel in her popular Rowland Sinclair historical crime series published, and the Sydney Morning Herald has published a fascinating profile piece on her writing life, click here to read.

Details about her latest book, Give the Devil His Due, can be found here. 


Nov 16 / Cameron's

Glowing reviews for MEDEA at the Gate Theatre, London

New Picture (23)

MEDEA, co-written by client Kate Mulvany and Anne-Louise Sarks, has opened for The Gate Theatre to wonderful reviews, here’s a sample:

∗∗∗∗∗ “this production of Medea was a triumph from start to finish”
London Theatre 1

∗∗∗∗ “every bit as important as the classical tale is the portrait of simple brotherhood. Gloriously fresh, and wise far beyond its years.”
Financial Times

∗∗∗∗ “powerfully naturalistic production is thick with the tension of anticipation…the play captures so beautifully that childish mix of trust and unease.”
The Telegraph

∗∗∗∗ “A sensitive, winning production… A delicately observed portrait of a relationship between brothers…”
Evening Standard

∗∗∗∗ “The brilliance of the idea is that it offers a wholly plausible picture of the way children react to domestic upheaval with a mixture of alarm and excitement… genuinely makes us see an old play through new eyes.”
The Guardian

∗∗∗∗ “Mulvany and Sarks’ writing is laudable subtle… It cuts to the core of the genre with wit and ingenuity, finding the tragic in Greek Tragedy without screams and gore but with innocence and laughter.”
The Reviews Hub

∗∗∗∗ “it has an appealing lightness and life to it… A gentle and beautifully observed study of the children caught in the middle of a tragedy”
The Stage

∗∗∗∗ “perfectly paced, adorably funny and performed with tragic truth.”
West End Frame

“A beautiful play, Medea is a perfect combination of childish comedy and heartbreaking tragedy. Until the very last moment, the audience is captivated by the fascinating tale of Medea’s children.”
Local London

“Mulvany and Sarks’s dialogue skilfully sketches the interaction between two young brothers…”
A Younger Theatre

Nov 5 / Cameron's

Robyn Butler’s feature Now Add Honey in cinemas today

New Picture (33)

NOW ADD HONEY starring, written and produced by Robyn Butler opens in cinemas today. This is Robyn and her husband Wayne Hope’s first feature film following the success of TV series Upper Middle Bogan, Little Lunch and The Librarians. The film also stars Portia de Rossi, Lucy Fry and Hamish Blake.

Caroline Morgan (Robyn Butler) is delighted when her sister, Beth (Portia de Rossi), brings her movie star daughter, Honey Halloway (Lucy Fry), home for a visit. But when Beth is suddenly sent to rehab, Caroline is forced to have Honey move in to her suburban home.

Honey struggles with life without an entourage, and her cousins, Clare (Philippa Coulthard) and Harriet (Lucinda Armstrong Hall), struggle with a movie star hogging the bathroom. But after Honey leads Caroline to uncover a family secret, Caroline struggles most of all, as her life quickly falls apart.

Trapped together in the house, a middle-aged woman and a teen starlet must each wrestle with who they really are.

Now Add Honey is an uplifting, laugh-out-loud, family comedy that celebrates women and girls being who they want to be.

“Funny and edgy screwball comedy.” — LA Times

“Hilarious… gem of a film.” — Huffington Post

To watch the trailer or to book tickets, click here.

Nov 5 / Cameron's

TRUTH, featuring Helmut Bakaitis, Noni Hazlehurst and Philip Quast, receiving critical acclaim in US



Congratulations to our actors, Helmut Bakaitis, Noni Hazlehurst and Philip Quast who worked on the feature film Truth, starring Robert Redford and Cate Blanchett, shot in Australia and currently receiving excellent reviews in the US.

Nov 4 / Cameron's

Dead Centre/Sea Wall directed by Julian Meyrick at the Old Fitz


Dead Centre/Sea Wall, a Red Stitch production directed by client Julian Meyrick is currently playing at the Old Fitz Theatre.

The work has received wonderful reviews:

 “A brilliantly sustained piece of domestic horrorJulian Meyrick directs with considerable restraint and sensitivity★★★★ The Age

“There is no moment, word or image waisted in Dead Centre/Sea Wall. It’s beautiful, yet ephemeral and as a result manages, with its final image to impart a sense of loss that lingers long after you’ve left your seat★★★★½ Arts Hub

This is very special theatre and Julian Meyrick, a truly fine director, shows complete empathy with his characters (and actors) and resists any idea of showy emotion or un-natural staging, everything is subtle and restrained and that doubles the impact…. A production of sheer perfection. Stage Whispers

“The direction is understated, simple and seamless. The two monologues, each running for approximately 35minutes, require the care and nurturing of a well-seasoned theatre-maker and who better to place at the helm than Meyrick.” ★★★★ Theatre People

For more info or to book tickets, click here.

Oct 29 / Cameron's

Congratulations to clients nominated for 2015 AACTA Awards


We are delighted to congratulate the following clients who have all received nominations for the 5th AACTA Awards:

Steve Arnold ACS for Best Cinematography – LAST CAB TO DARWIN

Blake Ayshford for Best Original Screenplay – CUT SNAKE

Robyn Butler (with Wayne Hope) for Best Children’s Television Series – LITTLE LUNCH and Best Lead Actress – NOW ADD HONEY

Dany Cooper ASE (with Martin Connor) for Best Editing in Television – DEADLINE GALLIPOLI Part 1 and Best Editing – HOLDING THE MAN

Steven Jones-Evans APDG (with Sarah Cyngler) for Best Production Design – PARTISAN

Tommy Murphy for Best Adapted Screenplay – HOLDING THE MAN

Michael Rymer for Best Direction in a Television Drama or Comedy – DEADLINE GALLIPOLI Part 1

Margot Wilson APDG (with Marion Boyce) for Best Costume Design – THE DRESSMAKER

Cameron’s would also like to extend congratulations to clients who worked on GLITCH, THE SECRET RIVER, MISS FISHER’S MURDER MYSTERIES SERIES 3, NOWHERE BOYS SERIES 2, READY FOR THIS, WENTWORTH SERIES 3, GAYBY BABY, and LOVE CHILD SERIES II, all nominated for best production in their format.

The winners will be announced across two events. For further information including a full list of nominees, click here.

Oct 29 / Cameron's

Tristan Bancks wins YABBA for Two Wolves

Two Wolves

Congratulations to author Tristan Bancks ( for winning a YABBA (the Young Australians Best Book Awards) for his book TWO WOLVES, published in 2014 by Random House, and about to be published in the US as ON THE RUN.

The YABBAs were established in 1985 by a group of Victorians keen to see children engage in reading Australian books and have a voice within the general Australian children’s book industry.  The YABBAs encourage children to recommend recent Australian published books, read all the recommendations for their peers, rate them against all others and then finally reward that book they feel is best. So it’s a great honour, indeed, that TWO WOLVES has received this fantastic accolade from the young Australian readers for whom he writes.

Oct 16 / Cameron's

Co-written by Alice Bell with production design by Elizabeth Mary Moore, THE BEAUTIFUL LIE begins Sunday

Co-written and script produced by Alice Bell with production design by Elizabeth Mary Moore, The Beautiful Lie premieres this Sunday on the ABC.

An adaptation of Tolstoy’s classic novel Anna Karenina, the drama examines three entwined families, illuminating love, infidelity, and mayhem across three generations.

“The writers (Alice Bell and Jonathan Gavin) have taken an incredibly fresh and modern approach. The series promises to be both funny and heartbreakingly sad.” (Carole Sklan)

The Beautiful Lie begins Sunday 18th October 8.30pm on ABC1.