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John Radel, ACS

For enquiries regarding John Radel please contact us via email or on (02) 9319 7199.



A multi-award winning cinematographer, John’s credits include the American feature The Philosophers produced by George Zakk (XXX, A Man Apart, Chronicles Of Riddick),  Dance of the Dragon (dir. Max Mannix), Unfolding Florence- The Many Lives of Florence Broadhurst (dir. Gillian Armstrong), feature-length docu/drama In Our Name (dir. Chris Tuckfield), One of the Lucky Ones for SBS Independent (dir. Wendy Chandler) and the drama television series The Surgeon for Southern Star, as well as a range of other television and short film projects. John has received over 25 film industry awards, including 15 ACS Awards, The Kodak 2003 and 2004 Cinematography Award for a record two years running, the 2004 Critic’s Circle award for Best Cinematography and the Best Cinematography Prize at both the West Hollywood International Film Festival and the 2009 Feel Good International Film Festival for his work on the Asian love story, Dance of the Dragon. John is currently shooting the Action / Thriller Dead Mine for HBO starring Japanese actress Miki Mizuno.