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Russell Boyd, ACS, BSC

For enquiries regarding Russell Boyd please contact us via email or on (02) 9319 7199.


Russell’s most recent film was The Way Back, directed by Peter Weir, with whom he has worked closely for the past 30 years, with credits that include the seminal films Picnic at Hanging Rock, Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, The Last Wave and Gallipoli. Russell was DOP on Bruce Beresford’s Oscar nominated Tender Mercies, Gillian Armstrong’s Mrs Soffel and High Tide, the record breaking Crocodile Dundee I and II, along with other US features Dr Doolittle (director Betty Thomas); Tin Cup (director Ron Shelton), Liar Liar (director Tom Shadyac), White Men Can’t Jump (director Ron Shelton) and Ghost Rider (director Mark Steven Johnson).

For his work on the Weir’s seafaring epic Master and CommanderRussell won a 2003 Academy Award.