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The following authors have published books while clients of The Cameron Creswell Agency but are not currently active book-writing clients. We are able to assist with enquiries related to the books listed below.



Nazam Anhar – Milad

Kathryn Apel – This is the Mud!

Justin Ball and Evan Croker – Space Dogs

Nikki Barrowclough – Monsieur Frog

Greg Bastian – The Gold Seekers

Jean Bedford – several titles

Peter Bensley – On a Wing and a Prayer

Bruce Beresford – Josh Hartnett Definitely Wants to Do This

Lori Cooper – several titles

Peter Corris – several titles

Tegan Bennett Daylight – Safety and What Falls Away

Brian Deegan – Remembering Josh

Vaughan Edwards & Barry Creyton – The Dogs of Pompeii and Nero Goes to Rome

Abbas el-Zein – Leave to Remain

Sheryn George – Miss Lonelyhearts and My First Divorce

Paulette Gittins – The Secret World of Annette Robinson

Suzanne Hawley – Alison Says

John Hepworth (estate)

Anthony  Hill – several titles

Holly Hill – Sugarbabe and Toyboy

Linda Jaivin – several titles

James Jeffrey – Paprika Paradise

Mireille Juchau – Burning In

Jenny Kee – A Big Life

Airlie Lawson – Don’t Tell Eve

Bill Leak – several titles

Peter McAllister – Manthropology

Professor Russell Meares – several titles

Roger Milliss – several titles

Rebecca Mugridge – The Pram Diet

David Rollins – several titles

Garry Satherley – The Arch Traitor’s Lament

Trevor Shearston – several titles

Lisa Thompson – Fleeced!

Chris Weyers – White Devil

Anne Whitehead – several titles

Vanessa Woods – It’s Every Monkey for Themselves