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Dr Carmel Harrington



The Complete Guide to a Good Night’s Sleep (health and science, Pan Macmillan 2014)

The Sleep Diet (health and science, Pan Macmillan 2012)


Carmel Harrington (PhD, LLB, BSc, DipEd) is an Australian sleep medicine research scientist with extensive international experience. She is significantly involved in researching the effects of sleep on metabolic function, sleep-disordered breathing and autonomic dysfunction, as well as the relatively unchartered field of paediatric sleep.

Her main research activities have included characterising paediatric sleep- disordered breathing, and investigating the effects of sleep-disordered breathing on metabolic function in children and adults. Dr Harrington has recently returned from living inEurope, where she spent two years lecturing and collaborating with some of the leading experts in the fields of Endocrinology and Sleep, developing clinical models for the treatment of sleep disorders in people with metabolic dysfunction.

Dr Harrington is a graduate of law from theUniversityof New South Walesand completed her PhD in Sleep and Respiratory Medicine and Masters of Statistics in Public Health at the University of Sydney.


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