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Sam Everingham


Wild Ride: The Rise and Fall of Cobb & Co (Australian history, Penguin 2008)


Sam Everingham is a sixth-generation Australian and an amateur historian with a passion for Australia’s hidden history. His career as a history detective began during school holidays spent exploring Coombing Park, an old convict-built station in rural NSW. Amongst the dust and cobwebs Sam stumbled upon the relics of an incredible horse-powered past; the cracked leather upholstery of once-grand carriages and buggies, old travelling trunks and hundreds of company ledgers stamped indelibly with the words ‘Cobb & Co’.

Intrigued by memories of his childhood adventures, Sam delved further into the history of Cobb & Co. and spent five years researching an astonishing archive of personal letters, journals, legal files, contemporary periodicals, obscure government and medical records. He also travelled across three states, taking in the old Cobb & Co routes across Victoria, NSW and QLD.

Sam has also worked variously as a waiter, barman, tutor, DJ, tour operator, and freelance writer. He has degrees in Science, Psychology and Public Health and for the past fifteen years has been involved as a social researcher consulting to government and commercial organisations on the trends affecting their markets.


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