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YA Erskine


The Brotherhood (crime fiction, Random House 2011)

The Betrayal (crime fiction, Random House 2012)


YA (Yvette) Erskine was a constable in the Tasmania Police Service for eleven years. She was active in frontline policing, served as a detective in the CIB and as an investigator in a high-profile, two-year covert task force investigating an international abalone smuggling ring.

In her spare time she was member of the elite Dignitary Protection team and was present the day the Queen was almost taken out by a disgruntled republican wielding a rotten tomato in Launceston.

Yvette is also an historian with an Honours degree in Tudor History. She has a teaching degree and spent six months trying to enthuse teenagers about English and History before admitting that she had failed spectacularly and should have stuck to locking them up instead.

Yvette currently lives in Melbourne and is happily married with two dogs. The Brotherhood is her first novel.


Twitter: @yaerskine


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