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Dr Karl Kruszelnicki



House of Karls (non-fiction/science, Pan Macmillan 2014)

Dr Karl’s Even Bigger Book of Science Stuff and Nonsense  (children’s non-fiction, Pan Macmillan 2014)

Game of Knowns (non-fiction/science, Pan Macmillan 2013)

Dr Karl’s Big Book of Science Stuff and Nonsense (children’s non-fiction, Pan Macmillan 2013)

50 Shades of Grey Matter  (non-fiction/science, Pan Macmillan 2012)


(The following is a selection of Dr Karl’s thirty-plus titles)

Brain Food (non-fiction/science, Pan Macmillan 2011)

Curious & Curiouser (non-fiction/science, Pan Macmillan 2010)

Dinosaurs Aren’t Dead (children’s non-fiction/science, Pan Macmillan 2010)

Nevemind the Bullocks … Here’s the Science (non-fiction/science, HarperCollins 2009)

Science is Golden (non-fiction/science, HarperCollins 2008)

Please Explain (non-fiction/science, HarperCollins 2007)


Dr Karl Kruszelnicki is the Julius Sumner Miller Fellow at the University of Sydney. He is a qualified medical doctor, engineer, physicist and mathematician. He consistently appears on the list of the Top 15 Most Trusted Australians. He is also one of the Sleek Geeks, with Adam Spencer. There is much more information about Karl and his 31 books at his website.


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Twitter: @doctorkarl