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Duncan Lay



Wall of Spears: Empire of Bones Book 3 (fantasy, HarperCollins 2014)

Valley of Shields: Empire of Bones Book 2 (fantasy, HarperCollins 2013)

Bridge of Swords: Empire of Bones Book 1  (fantasy, HarperCollins 2012)

The Radiant Child: The Dragon Sword Histories Book 3 (fantasy, HarperCollins 2010)

The Risen Queen: The Dragon Sword Histories Book 2 (fantasy, HarperCollins 2010)

The Wounded Guardian: The Dragon Sword Histories Book 1 (fantasy, HarperCollins 2009)


Duncan Lay is a layout designer and headline writer at the Sunday Telegraph in Sydney. He has always worked in journalism and has worked for a number of different newspapers and media outlets. He lives on the Central Coast of NSW with his wife and two young children. The first book of his second trilogy will be published in 2012.


Author website: 

Twitter: @duncanlay