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Nikki McWatters


One Way or Another (memoir, Black Inc 2012)


The long and winding road that was Nikki’s life began on the Gold Coast, where she clearly got up to some mischief. Dreamt of winning an Academy Award. Ran away with punk-rocker boy and set her sights on fame and fortune, which kind of eluded her.

Marriage, two young sons, divorce and a series of jobs followed — from bank teller to Kerry Packer’s housekeeper. A brief but ill-fated relationship resulted in another beloved son.

Nikki moved to Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales because she liked bagpipes and they had a great annual Scottish festival. There she fell in love with the grown-up version of a rock star – an opera singer. Got married. Had two more children and became a dowdy housewife while still entertaining dreams of winning an Oscar.

The she moved back to Queensland. Completed a Bachelor of Law and Justice from Southern Cross University. What the hell was she thinking? She put the pointless degree in her bottom drawer and decided she would back-door the fame and fortune plan by writing a tell-almost-all book. Infamy is just as sweet — nice girls don’t make history, after all.

One Way or Another was shortlisted for the emerging author category of the Queensland Premier’s Awards. Nikki is currently working on her second manuscript, a young adult novel entitled Sandy Feet.


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