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AL Tait


Race to the End of the World: The Mapmaker Chronicles 1 (children’s fiction, Lothian/Hachette 2014)

The Mapmaker Chronicles 2  (children’s fiction, Lothian/Hachette 2015)

The Mapmaker Chronicles 3 (children’s fiction, Lothian/Hachette 2015)


A.L. Tait, who writes fiction and non-fiction for adults under another name, grew up dreaming of world domination. Unfortunately, at the time there were only alphabet sisters B.L. and C.A. and long-suffering brother M.D.M. to practise on … and parents who didn’t look kindly upon sword fights, plank-walking or thumbscrews. But dreams don’t die and THE MAPMAKER CHRONICLES, the author’s first series of books for children, is the result. A.L. lives in country New South Wales with a family, a garden and four goldfish.