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Johanna Griggs




For enquiries regarding Johanna Griggs please contact Sue Muggleton via email or on (02) 9319 7744.









This year Johanna continues her role of hosting Better Homes and Gardens for the Seven Network, a role which she began in 2005. This year she will also host House Rules.

House Rules commitments means for the first time in many years Johanna will be unavailable to host 2013’s Summer of Tenis.

In past years Johanna has hosted the Bejing Olympics, Adidas International and Australian Open, Sportsworld(6 years) and Better Homes and Gardens.  She also hosted the Melbourne Racing Carnival telecasts and The World Gymnastics..  She also presented the Sport News on weekend bulletins in 2009 and 2010.


In 2002 Johanna travelled to  Salt Lake City where she became the first solo female host of any Olympics Coverage in this country when she fronted the Seven Network’s coverage of the Winter Olympics, and in 2006 she again hosted this event in Turin.


Johanna Griggs returned to the Seven Network in 2001 after successfully co-hosting the Network’s ‘Olympic Sunrise’ program in 2000.  That year she hosted the Adidas International Tennis broadcast, followed immediately by the Australian Open.  Also in 2001 she was host of the Sunday morning panel show ‘Sportsworld’.  During the year Johanna also presented several of the Seven Network’s special sport broadcasts.  She also hosted Auction Squad for five seasons.


After taking two years out of television to have her two children, Johanna joined Foxtel in 1999 where she was a regular panelist on Beauty and the Beast which also aired on the Ten Network.  She also presented several ‘Specials’.


In 1998 Johanna was a regular guest on the A.B.C.’s ‘Good News Week’ and also appeared on the special series of ‘Good News Weekend’  She continued to appear on the show when it moved to the Ten Network.


Prior to her move to television she represented Australia in swimming, winning Bronze at the Auckland Commonwealth Games in 1990, and a silver at the 1991 World Championships.


Johanna was also Ambassador to New Idea for six years regularly writing for them.


In 2007 Johanna was appointed to the Board of  Events New South Wales and most recently received an Honorary Doctrate of Letters – Honoris Causis – from Macquarie University in NSW for services to swimming, media and charity fundraising.


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