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Marieke Hardy

For enquiries regarding Marieke Hardy please contact us via email or on (02) 9319 7199.


Credits include:

Paul Hogan Miniseries (Writer) (TV Series)

Seven Type of Ambiguity (Writer) (TV Series)

Nowhere Boys (Series 3 Writer) (TV Series)

The Family Law (Writer) (TV Series)

Wonderland (Series 1 & 2 writer) (TV Series)

Laid (Series 1 & 2 Co-creator, writer)

You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead (Allen & Unwin Memoir)

30 Seconds (Comedy series)

Winners & Losers (TV drama)

Spirited (TV drama)

Packed to the Rafters (TV drama)

Last Man Standing (Creator, co-producer, writer)


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