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Giula Sandler

For enquiries regarding Giula Sandler please contact us via email or on (02) 9319 7199.


Credits include:

Remember Me in development (Creator, Writer) (TV Series)

Hereafter in development (Co-creator, Writer) (TV Series)

Nowhere Boys (Series 3 Writer) (TV Series)

Wentworth (Writer) (TV Series)

A Place to Call Home (Writer) (TV Series)

Glitch (Writer) (TV Series)

Ready For This (Writer) (TV Series)

Nowhere Boys (Series 2 Co-script Producer & writer) (TV Series)

The Winter Child (feature in development)

Rescue Special Ops (TV Series)

Out of the Blue (script editor/writer) (TV series)

Little Deaths (feature)
Winner 2008 Digi SPAA award

The Alice (TV series)

McLeod’s Daughters (TV series)