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Apr 11 / Cameron's

Kate Mulvany’s ‘The Rasputin Affair’ opens at the Ensemble

Kate’s latest comedy, The Rasputin Affair, opened last week at the Ensemble Theatre to rave reviews.

Late evening. The Moika Palace. Petrograd. 29th December, 1916. A group of like-minded individuals gather with a pink poisoned cupcake and a shared aim: to rid the world of one of history’s most despised characters – the mad monk Rasputin. There’s just one problem: Rasputin claims to be a messenger of God.

“Gorgeously written…tremendously funny and intelligent comedy” – Ben Neutze, The Daily Review

“…another theatrical coup for Kate Mulvany” – Carol Wimmer, Stage Whispers

“Smart, funny and a fast paced farce.” – Angus McPherson, Limelight

“…a hilarious, larger than life romp.” – Bronwyn Fullerton, Sydney Arts Guide

The Rasputin Affair is on at the Ensemble Theatre until April 30. For more information and how to book, click here.